jack_icon We found Jack’s prebuilt pose library was not setting up correctly. This error has been fixed.


Everything should be back up and running normal

The primary tools server is currently down. If you have trouble launching maya or using your tools switch to offline mode.

Please switch to offline mode temporarily:
Run this and restart maya

optionVar -iv arForceOffline 1;

We will notify you once the server is back online (something wrong with a switch in our Chicago server location).

We’ve posted PC and Mac 2015 builds for those of you jumping onto the bleeding edge. If you find anything out of sorts please send in a support ticket so we can address fixes quickly!

As you can see some of our blog media is missing. Yeah, that wasn’t part of the plan during our latest update. We’re working on getting that media back online but it’s going to have to wait until after we finish the newest character release. Of course all the new media going forward should be just fine.

Experiment 9 is no online! This design was created for us by Beth Sleven. You can see more of her super fun work on her blog and facebook page.


Exp #9 is now available for all Anim-Mates Library members.

As always send any support and questions through the support system. support.animationrigs.com

As we get ready to start rocking in 2014 we just want to say Happy New Year to all our members and thank you for being the best part of our community. In addition to many updates we released 5 new characters last year and will keep working to do more. We’re going to start this year off with “Number 9″ which should be coming to your Anim-Mates Library no later than Monday. After that, look for Tools for Animators updates, character updates, site updates, new characters, Two Headed Cop, and more.
Welcome to 2014!


MarkerMonkey/Anim Marker update. When using markers as a tracking tool on a per frame basis, key frames are now color coded to help differentiate.

The Gorilla is now online and available to all Anim-Mates members.
Although, technically part of our Animals and Critters crew you should find that he has some obvious human like characteristics and might be fun to mix into a dialog shot or two.
As always send any support and questions through the support system.

Although this is a quick hotkey tip, it actually has been one of our most loved tips!

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