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New and FREE character rigs are now available. All of our Mechanix characters are going to be free to all registered members. That’s it. Register, install the tools plug in and you should have access to Mechanix Man, Woman, Muscle Man, Cat and Monkey. Man and Woman are already online and available for download. We will be posting Muscle, Cat and monkey over the coming weeks as we monitor for any issues and required updates.

In order to download the new characters you will need to register with the new site.

New site? Yes. (just click the link “register” in the top right and confirm by clicking the link sent to you in email).

We have updated our servers for soooooo many reasons. The hope is the new servers are faster and more reliable.

The mechanix is just the first step. We have been working to make available permanent access to premium characters on an individual basis based on member feedback. That means if you just want Zsarok, you can just elect Zsarok.

Full site membership will still be an option for those of you that prefer all access.

Why do you want to register during CTN? Character tokens. What’s a character token? It gives you free permanent access to any premium character of your choosing regardless of price. All the details of character tokens are still being working out. We know for sure registering during CTN earns you a free token. We’re considering random chances to earn a free character token with each membership, give aways and rewards. If you register you will be able to see your tokens on the dashboard (click the small circle on the right near the top to show your account screen).

We are looking for feedback on all of this. We want ARigs to be geared toward our members as much as possible and your feedback is a vital part in this process.

Here are some additional things to know.

*The old servers will remain online through the end of the year. After which we will need to have everyone migrate to the new site. We’re working to make the transition as smooth as possible but appreciate your understanding as there always seems to be fun bumps along the way.
*We are initially releasing Windows plugins as our test group. Mac is coming soon though.
*When you install your plug-in you need to have at least version 8.0
*Premium Characters will start being posted after the first of the year and will include various current characters with some updates as well as new characters we are creating.
*Current Members! After you register for the new site, please send mail to so we can update your account. The new plugin will work with all your old scenes. There is a little manual work on our end to make sure everything copies over correctly.
*AM STUDENTS! If you want to register for the new site, please do NOT do so at the above address. Simply download the plug-in from the install page and setup your AM tools as you would normally and send and email to to receive your character token.

Feedback is very important to us. Please stop by the booth and give us your thoughts and ideas as well as register at the table. If you aren’t at CTN, no problem, just send an email to with the email address you used to register and we will setup your token.

We are so psyched and proud to be kicking off this new phase. Thanks to all our members and friends!


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