It’s time. We have too many things we would like to do and fixes that need to be made to the tools, characters, site and pipeline. It’s just been too long and we’ve been too slammed. We have always been committed to continually provide fresh and quality characters and tools. In order to do that we need to take some time to revamp EVERYTHING without worrying about new character deadlines and Maya releases.
So what does that mean for members?
It means that we will be providing temporary permanent access to ALL characters for all current paid Members as well as all those Members who were active in the last 3 months. We will also NOT be accepting new recurring Memberships.

How long will this go on?
Until we feel we have a sufficient backlog of new characters ready to go for our members and all the tools have been updated for various new Maya versions.

What is going to change about my current characters and tools?
Right now, nothing. You just aren’t going to be charged any more. We are canceling all recurring memberships and extending your site memberships through January 2016 (at that time we will reassess current status/state of the character/site).

What if I still want to sign up for a Membership?
You may do so, but please understand that during this time we may not be providing new characters every quarter as we have done in the past. We will still be providing updates, maybe adding new characters, as well as improvements, just no guarantee on new character releases.

When will this start?
As soon as we can finish the updates to the site membership pages and cancel all recurring memberships.


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